Error format

Users in the system after the collapse, and then will be hard disk formatting and reinstall the system, 

Circuit board damage

Due to external power supply circuit problems, or hard disk power failure, or itself circuit board

Firmware damage

Hard disk firmware is simply the hard disk factory information. Including the positioning information, 


PQ adjustment partition mistakes

Computer use after period of time, suddenly found himself a partition of disk space is not enough,

Often face computer how to protect the eyes

Often face computer how to protect the eyes? Eye protection is now white-collar and some workers and students is an important work, so a lot of people want to know how to protect your eyes don't myopia, so here's a look at the introduction of experts.

Often face computer how to protect the eyes?

First of all, now many white-collar, staff work are all day on the computer, so to the eye is very bad, therefore must timely attention, don't long duration of use computer, general each to use a computer one hour, to rest for 10 minutes. When at rest can be telescopic or doing eye exercises, watching the green vegetation to relax eye muscles. Some use eyedrop can also to a certain extent, prevent eye dry, keep eyes moist, lie between 1 hour rest my eyes, don't continuous operation.

There is in the use of computers after a period of time, to blink for a while, so the eyes will not too dry, and eyes range 35 cm large screen should not be less than 60 centimeters, distance 38 centimeters big screen should not be less than 70 cm. Screen should be placed on slightly below eye level position. And will the computer screen brightness and resolution adjustment to the appropriate level, to eyes feel comfortable shall prevail. Always wipe screen. Screen dirty can make the image fuzzy, cause eye fatigue.

Above is introduced often face computer how to protect the eyes? Finish see top experts to eyes protection introduction, everybody now how to protect eyes are already know, if there is any question, may at any time consulting online experts.